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Microtechs specializes in helping Small Business with their IT needs. With so many companies offering technology services, small businesses need an IT advisor they can trust.

We are the Cloud

We are the Cloud

Microtechs provides IAAS to our clients. Gone are the days or purchasing expensive hardware and software. Our customers are now able to take advantage of new technologies that we support to free up their precious office space and use it for what really matters...their business.

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Microtechs supports your network. We take care of everything. From the Broadband provided by the ISP to the Wireless Access Points that fill your office with proper WiFi signal strength. We specialize in providing reliable networks for your staff and their devices.

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Of primary importance is customer security. Microtechs informs our customers on the latest threats and provide practical ways to be secure in the digital world.

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Apple Support

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User Friendly

We provide lengendary customer service.

Desktop Support

We aim to make the users experience enjoyable.

Remote Support

Wherever a user may be they need support; we provide it


We consult with clients on just about any IT project.

Application Support

We make users' applications work right.

Infrastructure Support

We can troubleshoot from end to end. The entire infrastructure.

Client Meetings

We are close at hand to meet with clients and keep them informed.

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Don‘t hesitate and get more information right away.

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